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Iceland Poppy
Papaver nudicaule

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Iceland Poppy,Papaver nudicaule Picture
About Iceland Poppy (Papaver nudicaule)
Height: Up to 2 ft.
Flower Color: Multicolored range from white to cream, orange to yellow.
Plant Type: Perennial (short-lived) in colder areas. Grown as an annual in southeast.
Flower Type: Poppy
Bloom Time: Early and mid-season
Is this wildflower invasive? No
Is this wildflower endangered? No
Is this wildflower edible? No
Is this wildflower medicinal? No
What is Iceland Poppy's native range?
  Indigenous To: Arctic regions of No. American and Eurasia
Where Iceland Poppy is naturalized or can be grown
  Regions: All region of North America, performs as perennial in Southeast.
  Zones: 3-9 Often perennial in the Southeast; grown as an annual in all regions.
How to grow Iceland Poppy (Papaver nudicaule)
  Soil preference: Needs loose soil and prefers neutral or alkaline soils to acidic.
  Sun/Shade: Needs full sun.
  Moisture Requirements: Average moisture, well-drained.

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Iceland poppy is not as hardy as its name implies. It is used extensively in the southeast, since a fall seeding will create a lavish spring display, but the plants are unable to live through the hot summer that follows. It is also used as a favorite bedding plant in California. In colder climates, it performs like a perennial for two or three years. Seed is tiny, like most poppies, so sow carefully and use minimum or no covering. Compressing the seed into bare soil it the best method.

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